Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Gosh, can you even believe it is Feb 1st today??? And Super Bowl Sunday??
I must say I am not really into the whole Super Bowl thing. It is just an excuse for me to have a margarita. LOL! Who darn! Ha! I was asked who I wanted to win and I was torn by this since my nephew, Connor, is such a Steelers fan. I on the other hand am partial to Arizona not only because I was just there on a business trip but also because their mascot is the cardinal and since I am from St. Louis I am a Cardinals fan. Yes, I know that is baseball but still everytime I see that Cardinal it makes me think of St. Louis (home).
Anyways, I HAVE been busy making cards since I am February's Featured Nimbee over at NMBS (no more bad swap) blog. Starting tomorrow that is. :) Please be sure to check out my creations over there. Here is the link. Oh and if KellyJean is reading this, thanks for asking me to participate! I was honored to be asked!
Since I want you to view my creations over on the blog I am not going to post them here just yet. okay, well maybe just one. :)

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Teresa said...

This is super sweet, Toni!!! Love the layout!