Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am soo bad about updating my blog! I'm just to darn busy with working, being mom, wife, and cleaning etc. But I try to touch base with ya every once in awhile. :)
Anyways, as some of you know already my good friend, Teresa (jtkshaw on SCS), came to visit me!!!
We had such a good time chattin', shoppin' and of course card makin'! We actually got some things done.
Teresa got more done than me since I have to plan it all out and she just whips em out! Ha! WHATEVER!
She made this really cute candy bag using her Scor-Pal! Isn't it super cute? I almost ate one of the candies the other day but I resisted. Ha! it was kind of hard to get a good photo of this but i hope you can see how she stamped the bag! Really cute gift!
I know over on Teresa's blog she posted some photos of the cards she made so check them out!
I haven't actually taken any photos of the ones that I made yet. Once I get my swap cards done I will take some photos of them all at once. :)
Happy Stampin'!!!


garfield1971 said...

I love that bag!! So cute! Did she leave a tutorial? ; )

Teresa said...

Glad you like it, Toni! You are just too sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

THis is so darling!! Love your clear bag!! :) I understand how busy things can get!! Take care!